Nothing is Wild Anymore

Our concept of a wild animal are those we encounter behind bars at the local zoo. We no longer experience an animal in its natural habitat. The continued loss of natural habitat combined with the increasing urban lifestyle of societies around the world means the zoo becomes our only connection to the diverse wildlife living on this planet.The painted jungle of concrete has become the natural habitat.

There is a long history of wildlife photographers trekking through difficult terrain, camping out, waiting patiently for hours in blinds, to capture images of animals in their natural environment. These photographers have provided us with an important visual record, a record which grows more important each year as that world captured on film is disappearing. Future generations will have only the visual record created by these dedicated wildlife photographers to remind them of how things use to be.

This series of photographs is a record of animals found in their new natural habitat. This collection is the new wildlife photography. These animals have been thrust into the role of actors. These animals are celebrities. They are the talent by which zoos make money.

Unlike traditional wildlife photographers intent on capturing the natural behaviors of an animal, I am only concerned with creating compelling images of the actors on the stage. I want to capture the animal at work.


Close to Home

Sometimes the best images are close to home. This series of photographs are all close-ups of objects and scenes found in the backyard and on the front street of my own home.

Leaf-2In a world obsessed with traveling, in the belief beauty is found somewhere other than home, these photographs are a statement proving otherwise.  Beauty can be found anywhere. We just have to be willing to take the time to look. Really look. Perhaps, taking time is what this series is really about. Step off the 24-hour merry-go-round and appreciate the world around you.




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