The zoo is the only place most people will ever encounter wildlife. As people continue to flood into urban areas, this fact becomes more prevalent every day. In an ironic twist of fate, zoos have become a haven for some species of wildlife. While in the wild these species are being wiped out through poaching, lost habit, and climate change, these same species are flourishing in zoos.

This project aims to capture animals at work in their new environment— the zoo. Animals have been turned into celebrities drawing huge crowds and making large sums of money for zoological societies. Zoos originally were concerned only with displaying animals to satisfy the curiosity of the public. Today zoos are concerned with providing a livable environment for the animals while creating an authentic experience for the public. Of course, it was partly through the creation of zoos, in the first place, that lead to the increase of poaching and habit loss due to development or human encroachment. Now these celebrities from the wild may be the only hope for their species in the 21st Century.


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